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Sodifer SA is a company related to the Bakery and Pastry industry. With a  family background and a team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in national and international markets, Sodifer SA, in association with worldwide main manufacturers groups, has the aim of marketing, import and export various goods and services.

Sodifer SA is a Portuguese company that began operations on 1st January 2011, arising from the merger of Sodifer Ltd. and Vipercel, Ltd., suppported by more than two decades of activity in the trade of food products for Bakery and Pastry industries in National and International markets.


Currently  Sodifer SA is a reliable company for professionals, occupying an important place as a player in the Portuguese market.

The company's mission is to serve the customer at the right time and the right place. The company's guidelines are based on the product quality combined with competitive price and variety, having available a wide range of products from different origins and with the most various applications, enabling its users to achieve excellent outcomes with confidence, speed, innovation, safety and the quality they require.